Not Sure If You Can Afford a New Windshield?

What Costs Are Involved When Using an Auto Glass Repair Shop?

When a windshield gets damaged, it is crucial to consider if it can be repaired instead of completely replaced. Not every chip or crack needs to be replaced. However, if a repair is not possible, there are a few things to look at when calculating the cost of a windshield replacement. Such as the model, make, and year of your vehicle, all these play a big role in the price. The size also of the windshield, the kind of glass used, any insurance coverage, extra parts which may have to get replaced, and the prices of numerous other associated services will all have to be considered.

The kind of glass used will influence the price of getting a windshield replaced. Dealer glass, which is the same kind of windshield which was place in when the vehicle was built, is usually much more expensive. The same is true of getting the work performed by a dealership instead of an auto glass repair shop.

There are however, similar kinds of windshield glass, like original equipment manufacturer glass, also referred to as OEM. This type of glass has to meet or exceed a vehicle manufacturer’s standards, however, it is normally much cheaper. The only big differences between this kind of glass and a dealers is the maker, price, and OEM glass does not have any manufacturer’s name on it. Another option is aftermarket glass, this is normally cheaper, however, will not meet the same standards. OEM is normally the most popular choice when calculating the price of windshield replacement.

The price of getting towed is also a factor in windshield replacement; should a vehicle need to be moved, however, the damage done makes it unsafe to drive. It is possible to get the work performed on site, however, this choice is at premium rate. Calling an auto glass company to come to a particular location, like an owner’s house or work, does come with its own benefits. Your car will be ready to go next time you need it. The work normally does not take much time, and the windshield only requires a couple hours to set before being driven.

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