Is the Crack in Your Windshield Growing?

What You Need to Know about Auto Glass Replacement

When a windshield gets cracked or damaged in some way, it is recommended to sort out some type of repair or replacement as soon as possible. In some cases, it can be possible to repair glass, and a complete windshield replacement service will be needed if the damage is too severe. When looking for the right shop to perform the replacement, we, at Armstrong Professional Auto Glass, based in Frankfort, IL, have provided some helpful tips to bear in mind.

When replacement is called for, first check what your insurance will cover. There may be a good chance that your policy will pay for the replacement or cover the expense less a certain amount. This gives you a better idea about any out of pocket expenses you have to cover.

You could find out if your auto club membership provides you with a discount on an auto glass replacement service. Read your benefits package to see if this is possible. If you locate numerous automobile glass repair places in your area, ask for quotes from each one of them first. This is important if you have to pay the majority of the costs from your own pocket.

Bear in mind as a consumer, it is your right to ask questions regarding the kind of safety glass that will be installed, in addition to the glue which is used to hold the glass in place. Basically, you are looking for a new windshield to be the same quality as your old one. To help ensure this, any windshields you are considering, make sure that an OEM or original components are used for the replacement job.

Reputable shops should not hesitate to provide a warranty on the replacement, at no extra charge. Make sure to read the terms of the warranty. Ideally, you are looking for the warranty to offer nationwide coverage, especially if you travel a lot. You want the warranty to cover you for a minimum of one year against leaks, cracks, and other problems which result from faulty installations. If the warranty is good, there is no need to pay for an extended one.

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