Is the Hairline Crack on Your Windshield Spreading?

How to Choose the Best Car Window Repair Service

Many car owners are hesitant to get their windshield repaired, due to the fact they are unsure how to choose a a service that specializes in auto glass replacement or repair. The minute you see star or ding on your windshield, it’s recommended that you get it repaired immediately. A star fracture can be created when an object connects with your windshield at high speed and quickly turns into a crack. This is more so in warmer weather, when the heat expands glass.

Most people simply select a car window repair specialist from their local telephone directory, this is not exactly the best way to go about it. We, at Armstrong Professional Auto Glass, based in Frankfort, IL, know windshields are vital to the safety of drivers and passengers; however, some services don’t use the same kind of safety glass or even understand how to install it properly. If this happens, an accident could result in your windshield’s glass shattering in a way which could harm or kill both you and your passengers.

Consider the below when selecting an auto window specialist.
Search of an approved auto repair shop, and ask about their certifications. The National Glass Association provides in-depth training for auto window repair and replacement. Services which obtain these certifications know exactly how to repair and replace auto glass, ensuring it is completely safe. They learn all the latest techniques, via refresher courses or seminars. So make sure to ask about certifications before entrusting a service provider with your car.

Ask what glass they will install.
It’s not sufficient to know safety glass will be used. Safety glass has different grades, and some that are used by smaller services are rejected by larger ones because of flaws.

Ask for references.
It’s not enough for the service to simply provide you with references. Find out who is going to install your glass, and then ask for references for them if possible. Speak to neighbours and family members to see which services and technicians they use.

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