Not Sure If You Need a Windshield Replacement or Just a Repair?

Things to Know about Car Window Repair

If you’ve ever had a vehicle, then there is a good chance you have gotten a crack in your windshield at some point in time. These cracks can happen when any airborne projectiles of substances hit a windshield. This can occur when a vehicle is being driven or when it is stationary. Fortunately, you do have a few choices when it comes down to a quality car window repair. You could repair it yourself; however, bigger cracks have to be looked at by a trained professional.

Your first choice with repairs is by doing it yourself. This can only be a viable option if the crack is small, no more than one or two inches. You can obtain everything needed from your local auto repair shop. There are even kits which are made specifically for this kind of basic repair job. Inform the shop assistant you have a crack in your windshield, and they will be able to show you kits they have in stock. Look at each kit carefully, as some do need mixing compounds, and provide specific instructions how to use the sealing mixture.

Your second choice is taking your car to a repair place which advertises professional windshield repairs. This is your best bet if the crack is too big. There is the chance a hairline crack has already started to branch off from the original point, and this will lead to serious problems later. A repair service will have all the tools to analyse the severity of the crack and know how to repair the problem.

Even though you feel confident enough with your ability to repair cracks in your windshield, bear in mind that it doesn’t hurt to first check with an expert. If the repair is done using a basic sealing compound, a reputable shop will tell you this. However, if the crack is over a certain size, there is a good chance repairing it is pointless, and you have to consider replacing the entire windshield.

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